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1. JlsART is a private initiative for promoting artistic creativity and enabling those who cannot afford or have no time to build their own site and wish to publish and optionnally sell their works. Of course, people who already have a web page or are exhibiting at other galleries are welcome at jlsART as well. Any person who created or copied any forms on any materials and wishes to exhibit them on the present site will be called an artist. Artists portfolios will be displayed by jlsART for monthly or yearly fees payed by the artists.


2. The services jlsART will provide are the following :


3. JlsART will request payment for these services on the following basis :


4. For an artist who wishes to join jlsART the following initial procedure will be set :

5. The portfolio opening period can elapse during three months. During this period the artist will be able to complete the portfolio and decide at what moment it will be available to public exhibition (confirmation for publishing). As long as the portfolio is not confirmed, only the artist will be able to see it. Each picture has also to be confirmed for publishing, This option enables the artist to publish the portfolio with any number of pictures and play freely with the data accompanying the pictures.
The fee period will start one year from the date the artist gave his/her confirmation for publishing the portfolio.
A portfolio which has not been confirmed during the opening period will be erased.


6. The artist will provide jlsART with pictures of his/her works. The normal procedure is to send JPEG pictures through email to jlsART address. If the artist cannot provide JPEG pictures, he/she can send photographs to jlsART by regular mail and jlsART will do the scanning for a price which has been stated in jlsART tariff.

7. Upon receipt of the pictures, jlsART will run a program which will build thumbnail pictures. The set of thumbnails and pictures will be transferred to the site and will be available for on-line completion by the artist. This operation is manual and is freely granted for the moment. Therefore, it is recommended that the artists send their whole portfolio right away and refrain from making too many additions later on. JlsART may charge additionnal setup fees if the transfer operations become too numerous.

8. An interactive program will enable the artist, by clicking on each thumbnail, to type data relative to the presented work, like dimensions, matters and techniques used, comments about the work, prices, etc. In later stages, the artist will be able to add, remove or update these data.

9. The artists are welcome to put comments about themselves and their works. It is understood and agreed that these contents can never be offending to anyone.

10. It is understood and agreed that jlsART is the sole proprietor of the contents of the site and is free to decide upon accepting , refusing and publishing pictures and texts without having to provide any explanation to anyone.

11. It is understood and agreed that jlsART cannot be sued in any manner in case of malfunctions or defects relative to the presented material. In case of malfunction resulting from third party service providers (webhoster, Internet Service Providers and others) jlsART will not be held responsible. Should the publishing service provided by jlsART be interrupted for a period of more than fifteen consecutive opening days for reasons that cannot be attributed to third parties, the artist will be entitled to claim for refunding fees relative to the interrupted period. It is understood and agreed that damage claims cannot exceed the value of fees paid to jlsART.


12. A portfolio which has not been renewed after the period will be granted a certain time of additionnal publishing for enabling the artist to pay the renewal fees. This "grace period" will be stated in email requests for payment. If the artist did not renew the period, the portfolio will be removed from public exhibition for a given period of time. Without renewal after this period of time the portfolio will be erased.

13. Artists wishing to close their portfolio can do it by advising jlsART by email one month before the end of their period. Artists who have paid for a yearly subscription and wish to withdraw during the first 8 months of the period of the first year can make a request through Email. In such case the artist will lose the benefit of rebates and his fees will be calculated according to the number of months elapsed until the time of cancellation at the basic tariff and an amount of 20$ will be charged for cancellation fees. For instance an artist who wants to quit after 6 months and has paid 100$ will be refunded 20$. Artists who have renewed their yearly fees will not be granted refunding in case of cancellation.


14. jlsART does not interfere as an intermediate between artists and their clients. JlsART does not request any commission or fee of any kind upon works being sold by the artists. Therefore jlsART cannot be held responsible for any kind of problem that may arise between the parties in case of conflict.

15. The artist who joins jlsART guarantees that he/she is the author of the objects being displayed unless clearly stated otherwise and in the latter case the artist has taken care of copyright problems and has the permission to publish them.

16. The artist will clearly mention in his display whether the objects being shown are originals or copies.

The artist is responsible for the veracity of the data being published (price, dimensions, materials used, etc).

17. The artist who joins jlsART and sells any object for a value of minimum 200$ as a result of its display on the jlsART site agrees to give the buyer a 8-day option to return the said object. Such a return is made at the expense of the buyer who will also have to reimburse the shipping, packing and insurance costs.

18. The price for each object will be indicated in us$ or Euro. Unless otherwise stated the price does not include packing, transportation and insurance. It is the artist's responsibility to care for providing the client with the said information.

19. Upon confirmation of a client's order, the artist will ship the object(s) as soon as possible, caring for a quality packing.

20. The client and/or the artist may require to make the transaction through an escrow company. In such a case the client deposits the sum at the escrow company at the time of ordering and releases effective payment to the artist at the time of receiving the goods. The cost of the operation - approximately 2% of the value, can be shared between the parties. Usually the cost is supported by the demanding party.